2013 - 2014            Fulbright Academic Training: Studio Assistant (Oil paintings projects) to Artist Nir Hod, Meatpacking District, NYC, USA

2011 - 2013            MFA- Master of Fine Art, Fulbright student at Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ, USA

Spring 2011            Fulbright Enrichment Seminar, Baltimore, MD, USA

Summer 2011         Pre-Academic Program, granted by Fulbright Commission, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA

2004-2008              BFA- Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Department of Fine Arts, Jerusalem, Israel

2007                       Exchange Program for Merit Students, Carnegie Mellon University, School of Fine Art , School of Theatre

                               (Scene Design), Pittsburgh, PA, USA


2017                       Trestle Open Studio Residency

2016                       Asylum Arts Alumni All-starts Retreat, Garrison, NY

2015-2016              COJECO Blueprint Fellowship, New York, NY

2015                       Asylum Arts, International Artists Retreat, Garrison, NY

2013                       The Friends of Bezalel Alumnus Ambassador Award, New York, NY

2011                       Wyckoff Scholarship for Portfolio excellence, Montclair University, College of the Arts

2011                       Fulbright Scholarship Award, Israel-U.S.A Educational Foundation, Scholarship for Masters Studies Degree  

2009                       Award of excellence in theory studies in Bezalel, Jerusalem, Israel

2007-2008              Hadassah Hospital project, exclusive Bezalel scholarship program, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel

2007                       ISSTA- Alex Gur-Arye Scholarship for excellence artistic achievements

2006-2007              The Tel-Aviv Foundation Scholarship

2005-2007              The Chairman of the Knesset Foundation Scholarship

2004-2007              The Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture Outstanding Achievement Scholarship

2004-2008              Bezalel Academy Scholarship


2015 - Present        Fulbright Association, Greater New York Chapter, Board of Directors, New York, NY

2014 - 2016            Friends of Bezalel, Young Leadership, Board of Directors, New York , NY

2014                       Larger Than Life, Board of Directors, New York, NY



2017                       Project Forgiveness, Sensei Gallery with Chashama, New York, NY

2014                       Peace and War, Museum of Russian Art MORA, Jersey City, NJ

2013                       The Story of the..,  Finley Gallery, Montclair, NJ

2011                       Special Project, Sharing a studio: Gilit Fisher and Ronit Levin Delgado, a residency and an exhibition at          

                               the Gutman Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2007                       My First Time, The Frame Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA



2017                       On Belonging and the Void Between, Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ 

2017                       Member Salon, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2017                       Open Studios, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2017                       Hog Roast (painting and performance), Tivoli, NY

2017                       Limmud FSU Art Gallery (paintings and performance), Westchester, NY

2017                       Out in the Zone, AnarkoArtFestival 11,  New York, NY

2017                       ComPassion Plays, Lab/Shul, New York, NY

2016                       Diverse Universe: Alien Asylum, The Gateway, Boroklyn, NY

2016                       All Saints, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY

2016                       SHEath, Torus Porta Art Space, Brooklyn, NY

2016                       Shabbat Ritual Performance (Asylum Arts event), Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY

2016                       Circus of Dreams, Bizarre Bushwick , Brooklyn, NY

2016                       Osiris Transit(collaboration with Wild Torus), Torus_Porta, Brooklyn, NY

2015                       Performance and Ritual, TALKaCTIVE: Performance art conversation series, Queens Museum, Queens, NY

2015                       Flood, PSYCHLOTRON, New York, NY

2014                       Pratt Falls 2014, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, NY

2014                       Art Talk at The Youth Mentoring Initiative Awards, Sarah Lawence College, Bronxville, NY

2014                       Art collective 2014, Site/109 Gallery, New York, NY

2014                       IMAGINATION 2014 , Hapoalim Bank, Tel-Aviv, Israel   

2014                       HOG, Tivoli, NY

2013                       Time stop in space, Aferro Gallery in collaboration with Solo(s) Project House, Newark, NJ

2013                       Connections, Spectrum, New York, NYC

2013                       Inspired NY-Israel, Site/109 Gallery, New York, NY

2013                       HOG, Meatpacking District, New York

2013                       Creative Diaspora, Artist Talk, Borsch Salon, New York, NY

2013                       This show means right now, MagnanMetz Gallery, New York, New York

2013                       Rabble-Rousing Acts, Curating and exhibiting in a Group Exhibition and Artist Talk at the 73 See Gallery, Montclair, NJ

2013                       Silent Art Auction Group exhibition, Index Art Gallery, Newark, NJ

2012-13                  Works on Paper, ​Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff, Wales, UK

2012                       The kissing wall, Two person Exhibit, Finely Gallery, Montclair, NJ     

2012                       Scaled to the Infinite, Index Art Gallery, Newark, NJ

2012                       New Life: 5 emerging artists, Group Exhibition and Artist Talk at the 73 See Gallery, Montclair, NJ

2012                       Sublime Beauty, Two person Exhibit, Finely Gallery, Montclair, NJ       

2011                       Broad St: Wanna Kiss?, STAGE venue at Solo's Gallery , Newark, NJ

2011                       Occupy Art NYC, Theater for the New City, New York, NY

2011                       Pratt Falls 2011, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, NY

2011                       Participation in the documentary film on Israeli painters, “Discussions in Israeli Art with David Vakshtain”, Ironi Ramla

                               Gallery, Ramla, Israel 

2011                       Painting Camp 4, Ramle Station for Contemporary Art, Ramla, Israel

2011                       Home from Home, Leeds International Artist Book Collective, Leeds, England

2010                       NPO, Hertzelilinblum museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2010                       Casino Ayalon - Art and Luck, art event and exhibition curated by Hadas Kedar

2009                       Home, Apart.Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2009                       Signed Green, art event and environmental painting exhibition,Tel-Aviv Port Complex, Israel

2008                       Graduate Exhibition BFA, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel



2013                       XX by Ronit Levin Delgado, Paperback: 93 pages, Publisher: Lulu.com; 1st edition (May 19, 2013) Language: English

                               http://www.lulu.com/shop/ronit-levin-delgado/xx/paperback/product-21045587.html? mid=social_facebook_pubsharefb

2013                       This Show Means Right Now , Exhibition Catalog, Magnan Metz Gallery, June 6, 2013 

2012                       Scaled to Infinite, Exhibition Catalog, Index Art Gallery, Newark, NJ, USA

2011                       New Life, Exhibition Catalog, 73 See Gallery, Montclair, NJ, USA




2016                       Was this Performance Art Show too real?, Nicole Disser, Bedford + Bowery, NY Magazine.com , December 20, 2016

2014                       Friend of Bezalel Gala, Stephanie Badini photography online, January 23, 2014

2013                       The Kissing Wall, Ilanit Solomonovich Habot ,Yediot America Newspaper, April 4, 2013


2013                       In the Big Apple, Michael Wilner, Arts and Culture, The Jerusalem post Newspaper, March 20 2013

2013                       My Way Out, Orli Santo interviews Ronit Levin Delgado at the “Introduction” Section, Yediot America Newspaper,

                               January 7 2012.  http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4329220,00.html

2012                       Visual Art Section in Events, The Consulate General of Israel New York,  April 19 2012


2011                       First-ever Israeli Bezalel Graduates to be Fulbright Fellows, Jewish philanthropy Magazine, August 1 2011 


2011                       Roads not taken, Carl Hoffman, Metro magazine, The Jerusalem post Newspaper, March 11 2011

2011                       A visit in the Studio- Gilit Fisher & Ronit Levin Delgado, Dorit Pukach, It’s not me it’s the situation, Art Magazine,

                               February 2011.  http://dp-heart.com/?p=1794/, March 28 2011

2011                       Home from Home, abc archive Art-Blog, http://abcarchive.blogspot.com/, March 2011
2011                       2011 Fulbright Scholars, Amanda Balbi, Montclair State University website, The Graduate School,

                               September 30 2011.  http://www.montclair.edu/graduate/grad_news/article.php?ArticleID=8400&ChannelID=19   
2011                       First Israeli Masters Program fellows on their way to US, Fulbright Israel Electronic Newsletter for American   

                               Alumni, News and Events, July 3 2011.   http://www.fulbright.org.il/newsletters/E-3/index.html
2011                       Fulbright Scholarship to Ronit Levin Delgado and Yael Alkalay, News & Events, Bezalel Academy of Art

                               and Design website, July 31 2011.   http://www.bezalel.ac.il/news/item/?id=1027
2010                       Noam Shalit cannot establish a shout everyday, Alon Hadar, NRG.co.il August 21 2010
2009                       Myself, you and Him, Dr. Gal Ventura, Bezalel's History and Theorey Department's Protocols Issue No.13, July 2009
2008                       Life, Bezalel version, Naomi Gotkind-Golan, Hot & Not section, Makor Rishon newspaper, October 7 2008
2008                       Exhibition in images- Bezalel 2008, NRG Maariv Culture section, NRG.co.il, July 17, 2008
2008                       Bezalel Graduation exhibition 2008, Israeli Art Portal, Artportal.co.il, July 2008



-  William Gottlieb Management Company, New York NY

-  Big Apple Living, New York, NY

-  SituationNormal Studio, Montclair, NJ

-  The United States-Israel Educational Foundation (USIEF) Art Collection, Israel

-  Gutman Museum Art collection, Israel

-  Bank Leumi Private Art Collection, Israel

-  The Private art collection of the Ministry of Tel Aviv city Mayor, Israel

-  Public and Private collections


2017                      Leading Israeli Art Workshop, Heschel School, in Collaboration with Young Judaea, New York, NY

2017                      Leading Israeli Art Workshop, J-Teen, in Collaboration with Young Judaea, Westchester, NY

2017 - Present       Trestle Gallery, Workshops Coordinator Intern, Brooklyn, NY

2014 – Present      Studio Assistant (Oil paintings projects) to Artist Nir Hod, Meatpacking District, NYC, USA

2016 – Present      Paint Night Art Instructor, JPaint company, New York, NY

2015 - Present       Paint Night Art instructor, West Village Moshes House, New York, NY

2016                       Paint Night Art Instructor, Plaster Galaxy, Brooklyn, NY

2016                       Paint Night Art Instructor, Zelda’s Art World, Brooklyn, NY

2015 – 2016           Paint Night Art Instructor, Pottery and Glass Land, Brooklyn, NY

2015                       Art Instructor, Y at the Riverdale, New York, NY

2015                       Art Instructor at Hagimnasia After School program and Boker Tot, Congregation Beth Elohim , Brooklyn, NY

Summer 2015        Art Director at IAC Kahol Lavan Summer Camp, Barryville, NY

Summer 2015        Belly Dance teacher and Airplanes modeling teacher at Hagimnasia summer camp, Congregation Beth Elohim,          

                               Brooklyn, NY

2015                       Paint Night instructor, The Shorefront YM- YWHA, Brooklyn, NY

2015                       Art Instructor at Shabbat Baboker program, Stephen Wise Synagog, New York, NY

2014                       Studio assistant (Silicon sculpture projects) to artist Yael Kanarek, LES, New York, NY 

2012                       Scenic and Props Assistant , Jakob Oredsson, Valerie Light,  "ZINNIAS: The Life Of Clementine Hunter" , Director:

                               Robert Wilson, Alexander Kasser Theater, NJ

2008 - 2011            Freelance Artist and Art Instructor in private studio, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2011                       Props Design for T.V. kids show, Channel "Hop Ktantanim", Tel-Aviv, Israel

Summer 2010         Art Director and Set Designer at the JCC (Jewish Community Center) Camp Interlaken, Wisconsin, USA

2008-2009              Teacher for model airplanes, "Nizanim" School, Tel Aviv and "Neve Rasco Center", Ramat HaSharon, Amittus Company

2008-2009              Art Teacher, "Kishurim" (Qualifications) Center, Mevaseret Zion, Israel

2007-2008              Art Teacher and Curator, exclusive Bezalel scholarship program, Hadassa Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel    

Summer 2007        Art Teacher and Set Designer at the JAFI (Jewish Agency for Israel) Camp Ramah, Wisconsin, USA

2007                       Art Teacher , WITZO high school for special education, Jerusalem, Israel

2006-2007              Art Teacher, Beit Babur Community center, Tel Aviv, Israel

Summer 2006         Art Counselor, "Ein Chemed" Camp, Jerusalem, Israel

2004-2005              Art and Dance Camp Counselor, Beit Babur Community center, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2003-2004              Portrait Artist, "Dreams" company, Tel Aviv, Israel

2002-2011              Theater & Dance Shows Set and props Designer (Designed sets for 11 theatre productions: 8 adult and 3 children and 5

                               Dance Shows). Won twice for best show at the national theatre festival "The Country Is A Stage" and won the 2002

                               Karmiel dance festival. Directors: Chana Yavin, Dina Shalev. Lucy Maman. Make-up and Portrait Artist, Beit Barbur , Tel                                -Aviv, Israel


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