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Drawn Ashore, 02:00min (an excerpt from the 30 mins performance), 2021


'Drawn Ashore' performance by artist Ronit Levin Delgado is a collaboration with artist Amy Wetsch installation for Works on Water Art Residency on Governors Island. The performance invites the viewers to imagine immersing themselves into the water of the Hudson and experiencing the diversity of life beneath its mysterious surface, a treasure invisible to most.


‘Drawn Ashore’ reflects on life within the water of the Hudson - using movements and colors to diminish negative preconceived notions about this body of water. An authentic seining net that has been used by researchers and scientists to observe and study this diverse ecosystem will be used in this performance to help viewers better understand the conservation efforts taking place along the Hudson.


With composer John Atkinson's piece "Long Harbor", created from recordings along the New York waterfront, the performance aims to promote and spread awareness of the vibrant life both within the water itself and the surrounding environment. Join our symbolic cleaning ritual and observe the rich and nutrient colors of the water surrounding New York City - the colors of life.

Let's come together to form a connection to the Hudson and to one another, through the water that connects us all.

Photo: Dooll Chao
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