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‘Tug of Warriors’ (30 mins performance)

07.21.21, Satellite Art, Brooklyn, NY
Curators: Kathie Halfin and Fang Yu Liu

“Tug of Warriors” is an immersive and interactive multidisciplinary performance for audiences to feel, see, and face our fears and traumas, and is addressing the subject of coping with trauma.

The performance incorporates live music, poetry reading, interactive performance art,
followed by poetry and painting workshops; inviting the audience to embrace the warrior
within them and participate in our “game”, that pits them against their traumatic memory/past in a test of (mentally) strength. Through the movements, interactions, and eye contact, we all become warriors.

Fear might cover our eyes and tear us apart, but we can still set ourselves free when we are ready to face it. And of course, party after you win.

Photo and Video: Dooll Chao

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