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"At the center of the exhibition space, a private veiled polygon contains a one-color channel video projecting a daughter in traditional dress releases stones into the Paraguay River one by one. Tashlich Ritual, 2017 embodies a fragment of Levin Delgado’s journey of self-discovery, unification, and atonement. She journeyed from Israel to Paraguay for the first time (accompanied by photographer Mara Catalan), to meet extended family, and memorialize her father with a series of personalized rituals. Flowing from this first loving encounter are milestone moments like Found You. Cementerio Lambaré, and Forgiveness Ritual (photographs and mixed media on paper, 2017)."

[New York, NY] Katya Valevich is pleased to present WRITTEN IN WATER at SPRING/BREAK ART SHOW  new works by the artists Keren Anavy and Ronit Levin Delgado, an immersive installation venturing into the evanescent, extraterritorial realm of impermanence." Like the flow of a river, saluting the impermanence of existence through a symphony of authentic ritual, funeral practice, creative memorialization , and audience participation, Written in Water is a space for personal stories to transform into livening, inventive mourning. 

Sympathy Flowers 

"In her work Levin Delgado turns on all the lights. Sympathy Flowers, her onsite durational performance happens daily in the space, one hour before closing; an improvisational and allegorical response to Sarah Friedland’s prompt:


If death were to dissolve me, what would I become to those I leave behind?


Gathering the energy of flowing water, Levin Delgado offers a natural rite of passage in performance, as she transitions each thought into a sculpture, a crystallized memory, a flower, a person. Each note is a life. Memos will be honored at the Jersey City Historic Cemetery in an offsite performance titled Final Arrangement . 

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